12 January 2017


Last month, Face the Nation had an interview with comedian Stephen Colbert.  He’s the host of CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  (Just in case you needed help with that!)  John Dickerson spoke with him in reflection on 2016.  (If you haven’t seen the interview, check it out.  They cover a wide range of topics.)

Dickerson asked him, “What was the good news in 2016?”  Colbert first mentioned their Thanksgiving dinner, then he altered the question a bit.  He said just before saying grace, he asked himself what he was thankful for.  He spoke of family and friends and dear ones who have passed away.

Then Colbert spoke of people he does not agree with.  He said “they make me think about what I do.  They question my beliefs.  And an unquestioned belief is almost vestigial.  It doesn’t motivate you in any way.  It doesn’t serve you in any way if you don’t question it, because a belief is a filter.  You have to run things through it, you know, so you know how you see the world.  It’s a lens; it’s not a prop.”

He speaks of the tendency to engage in divisiveness.  He said “divisiveness is a vice.  But like a lot of vices, super seductive.  And so you indulge in it until it bites you, and then you go oh, darn—oh, darn, the wages of sin is death.  And it makes you question having indulged in the vice.  And I think that political divisiveness is a vice; picking sides is a vice rather than picking ideas.”

I have the feeling that 2017 will really challenge us to “love our neighbors” and to “love our enemies.”

14 December 2016

spocktacular tribute

Heres a wonderful movie I saw a couple of days ago.  (For the love of Spock, I tell you!)  Plenty of interviews, aside from the usual names you might expect from Star Trek: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik, and others.  Its a heartfelt, revealing, disturbing, and funny homage to a father from a son.  Once or twice I ALMOST had a tear or two come to my eyes (I say almost).

[Also, this is my 52nd birthday.  That doesn't seem correct.]

10 December 2016

trumping human rights

Today is Human Rights Day.  This is the date in 1948 when the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This year, there is reason to be especially nervous about how human rights will be treated by the next administration.

Certainly, Barack Obama and definitely George W. Bush and his crew were less-than-stellar in upholding our commitment to protecting human rights.  But with Donald Trump, we’re in uncharted territory.

This is a man who has spoken in favor of reinstituting waterboarding, murdering the families of suspected terrorists, and ordering military officers to torture people, even if they flatly refuse to do so.  Plus there’s a laundry list of other proposed policies to single out various groups for unfair and unjust treatment.

Those who care that every human is loved by God have some work and prayer to do.

25 November 2016

giving thanks

I give thanks for…

…a delicious dinner yesterday with some new friends

…for the snow we recently had, but is now melting

…a new and pleasant place to live

…a loving, understanding wife (of course, this is not in order of importance!)

…and watching a Thanksgiving game in which the Cowboys extended their winning streak to ten—and who better to do it against than the Redskins? (now that one is listed in order of importance!)