08 October 2007

life takes plastic

Put this post in the "I've been sick and now I'm ready to gripe" file.

There are numerous commercial campaigns of which I'm not fond, but the "Life Takes Visa" slogan is pretty close to the top. The morning in Manhattan commercial is especially lovely. Amid the melodies of Johann Strauss' "Blue Danube" (also heard in the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey), we see people from all walks of life making their payments by swiping the plastic. Suddenly, a troublemaker! He dares pay with cash! Stop the music! Everyone give him a dirty look!

I could understand if he were paying for his coffee with a $50 bill (or even a 20). But he lays down two Washingtons. Oh my, the cashier will have to give him a few pennies' worth of change! Imagine, not wanting to add to your credit card bill! (And offering the least resistance to the ease with which credit cards encourage us to buy all kinds of crap.)

Okay, I'm done.

You can see this commercial, as well as others, at

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