18 April 2008

a happy nba fan

Once again, both of my favorite NBA teams are in the playoffs. Andre Iguodala has been the leader of the Philadelphia 76ers after Allen Iverson went to the Denver Nuggets. I'm not expecting the Sixers to get past the first round in the East, but they should be able to give the Detroit Pistons all they can handle.

The Western Conference truly has been the "wild west" this year. For much of the season, the top 9 teams were within 6 games of each other. As it has turned out, the top 8 teams (the playoff teams) finished within a 7 game spread. I'm hoping that my boys, the San Antonio Spurs, can do something they've never done: win back-to-back championships. They've won 4 titles in 9 seasons, but they've always come in odd-numbered years. Their first round series is against the Phoenix Suns, which promises to be a hard-fought, possibly bloody, affair--especially since the Suns now have Shaquille O'Neal, who wants badly to get one more ring.

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