29 May 2008

diary of the dead? (let's hope not)

Yes, I know when you say "George Romero," you think "zombies." If he did nothing other than the black-and-white classic Night of the Living Dead, that would be enough to guarantee his enshrinement in the horror hall of fame. But he has continued to define the zombie canon, and Diary of the Dead (2007) adds a new touch.

In this installment, undead horror meets the blogosphere as some college film students document their cross-Pennsylvania travels in an RV (horrors!) after hearing that the dead are indeed not quite so dead. We get some socio-political commentary regarding the veracity of the government and media. (They actually lie to us?) Plus, there's a professor from England who is as proficient with bow and arrow as he is at drinking.

Diary of the Dead is a thinly-veiled description of the American public. If only there were some way we could be brought back to life!

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