15 November 2008

how I wish I were wrong

When Sarah Palin was saying Barack Obama "pals around with terrorists," and people were screaming "kill him!" at rallies which came close to resembling mobs with torches, I predicted what would happen when you stir the pot of hatred and racism. Numerous news sources are now documenting a higher than usual increase of death threats against Obama. The threats on Obama's life, according to the Secret Service, began to spike right when Palin started questioning his patriotism.

Of course, if John McCain had exercised some good judgment, Sarah Palin would never have been placed in the position of consideration for VP. His campaign wasn't exactly vocal in putting to rest the irresponsibility of Palin. TV commercials with an ominous voice asking, "Who is Barack Obama?" only feed the paranoia already present in too many fringe elements. What's worse, it seems to give the stamp of approval to those willing to take that extra step toward violence.

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