19 January 2009

let's get it started

I’ve been thinking about the word “inauguration,” especially since tomorrow we inaugurate Barack Obama as our 44th president. The etymology of the word has to do with consecrating to office someone by a Roman religious official who would foretell future events (an “augur”).

Some might find the religious / spiritual dimension especially appropriate this time. My faith isn’t in political figures, but I can understand why Obama has been so desperately awaited—not only in this country, but all over the world. I am simply another in a vast chorus of voices who say that George W. Bush has been the worst president in living memory.

Of course, no one human can possibly live up to the huge expectations—and the huge mess—foisted upon Barack Obama. If ever there were a time for all of us to “step up,” as they say in sports, now is the time. Let's get it started!

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