09 July 2009

this is who we are

What are the odds?

What are the odds that, sitting in a doctor’s office this afternoon, my wife would hand me the current issue of Art in America magazine? Inside it would be the image of Henry Fuseli’s The Nightmare. As it would happen, I would come home and do a Google search for the image. I would find it on the first page, taken from an excellent website dedicated to the TV show Millennium, which was on in the late 90s, starring Lance Henriksen and produced by Chris Carter, of X-Files fame. Fuseli’s painting appeared in an episode titled Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions.” The cable network Chiller has been airing Millennium for some time.

What are the odds that Chiller would air, on the same day, the very episode containing the painting that I Googled after seeing in a magazine in a doctor’s office? Come to think of it, what are the odds that a doctor’s office would have a magazine that is both current and interesting?

What are the odds?

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