04 February 2010

who dat?

Thanks to Church Sign Maker, we've been able to see how some Episcopalians and Presbyterians have been dialoguing about the NFL playoffs (via the signs in front of their places of worship).

Thanks to Dr. Sheltie's investigative work, it seems that the Episcopal Church, which is across the street from the Presbyterian Church, got the thing started with a show of support for New Orleans in the Super Bowl.  They both agree that the New York Jets didn't deserve to get into the playoffs.  And there seems to be some shared consternation about the Dallas Cowboys' postseason exit.

By the way, it appears that a Bible study on Elijah in 1 Kings 17-18 would be of benefit to the Presbyterians.

(And for a totally unrelated reason, it appears that the two sides of the street are in different seasons of the year...)

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