27 April 2010

R.I.P....for now

Throughout the 2009-10 season, the Buffalo Sabres hovered near the top of the NHL’s Eastern Conference. (Of course, the Washington Capitals seized control of the number one spot early on!) So I think we can agree that Sabres fans were thinking with their heads and hearts when they expected their guys to at least get to the second round. Add to that the awesome Olympic goalkeeper, Ryan Miller, and the case should be made. But the Boston Bruins had other ideas…

As for the Nashville Predators, in recent years getting to the playoffs has been a fairly routine procedure. Winning a playoff series remains elusive. So when they drew the Chicago Blackhawks, who boast an Olympian of their own in Patrick Kane, things didn’t look very promising. Still, after going up 2 games to 1, Preds fans had reason to hope. But Nashville’s ineffective power play, which led to the heart-breaking Game 5 loss in Chicago, provided a microcosm of the series.

Oh well, wait ‘til next year.

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