30 May 2010


The image to the left is the triquetra, an ancient symbol which, in the Christian imagination, came to represent the Holy Trinity. This afternoon, while at a mall in the Nashville area, my wife Banu got a temporary tattoo of the triquetra on her arm. (Maybe she’ll decide to get a permanent one—maybe I will!)

Today is Trinity Sunday. This day doesn’t get the attention it deserves, because too often, all people hear about it (if they do hear about it), is basically a description of the Holy Trinity. Richard Rohr, Franciscan priest at the Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico, portrays a deep and mystical view. Here’s an excerpt from today’s email meditation:

“All you can give back to God is who you really are. That’s about the broadest and deepest permission you will ever receive. It is our very incapacity and weakness which becomes the ongoing goad that deepens both our inner desire and our dependency on God alone. It becomes that which prods and invites us into ‘the cosmic dance’ of the Trinity where everybody else is included, and all judgments of others up or down become a waste of time. Remember, the Trinitarian nature of God is saying that God is more a verb than a noun; a flow more than a substance, a love more than an idea, a process more than any fast conclusion.”

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