15 July 2011

future sacrament

This morning, I was drawn to Salvador Dalí’s wonderful painting, The Sacrament of the Last Supper, done in 1955.  (I don’t pretend to be an art “expert,” so I feel no hesitation in labeling it “wonderful.”)  A great deal has been said about its mathematical properties, Dalí’s ethereal portrayal of Christ, the landscape, and other aspects it possesses. 

The first time I saw it, I had the impression of an event in the distant future.  (Again, my non-expert opinion.)  It still strikes me that way.  And I’m always interested in the disciples.  The two dressed in robes that are not white are both positioned two spots away from Christ.  (The one to our left in blue, the one to our right in gold.)  The two disciples who appear to be looking toward him are across from each other, on opposite sides of the table / altar. 

The New Testament says that the inner twelve were all male.  I don’t suppose I have a reason to doubt that, but I’m also not unaware of the tremendous scandal Jesus caused by his willingness to freely welcome women—and to even treat them as equals.  If any of the disciples pictured are women, it looks like the ones at his right and left hands would be good candidates.  (To me, their hair and posture seem to be more feminine.) 

In any event, these are some of my non-expert thoughts!

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