30 March 2012


I’ve been aware of, and enjoyed the music of, female-fronted metal bands like Evanescence and Nightwish for quite a while.  This month, I made a little more concerted effort to investigate this genre.  (Partly because Amazon.com declared on their mp3 page that “March is Metal.”  I downloaded songs from a sampler in this sub-category.)  I’m still not very familiar with groups like Lacuna Coil (pictured above) and Epica (pictured below). 

Some of these bands take a “beauty and the beast” approach to their vocals.  The “beauty” is the female singer, many of whom have voices of operatic quality.  Some have been classically trained.  The “beast” would be the male vocalist, whose “singing” consists, in my humble opinion, of little more than growls and barks.  I’m afraid that I fail to appreciate such contributions!

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