23 November 2012

blue and silver tears

I’ve hardly posted anything about sports in the past two years—until now.  Yesterday was a heart-breaker.  Yes, I’m a fan of the NFL team that people love to hate, the Dallas Cowboys.  And while I wasn’t wearing a silly costume (unless a Cowboys tee shirt qualifies), I would have to join the two who are holding the sign saying, “Sorry Mom…I had to spend Thanksgiving with the Cowboys.”  Yes, I was quite sorry.  And of course, the worst part of all is that the loss came to their historic rivals, the Redskins. 

It’s not fair to pin the Cowboys’ shortcomings on quarterback Tony Romo.  Their offensive line is, well, offensive.  And as talented a receiver as he is, Dez Bryant does have a tendency to fumble the ball.  But more than any of the players, owner Jerry Jones’ ego seems to be as inflated as Cowboys Stadium.  I can appreciate his enthusiasm for the team, but he seriously needs to hire a general manager and stop with the micro-managing.

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