16 March 2013

courage to converse

Having returned from a week of interim ministry training, my brain is full of information.  It will take me a while to process all of it.  By the way, one of the primary focuses was on “content” and “process.”  Content is the “what,” the data.  Process is the “how,” the way things happen.  As I said, I’m still processing!

Something I found especially interesting were some excerpts we were given from Margaret Wheatley’s Turning to One Another—Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future.  Here are some tidbits:

“Change begins from deep inside a system, when a few people notice something they will no longer tolerate, or respond to a dream of what’s possible.”

“It takes courage to start a conversation.  But if we don’t start talking to one another, nothing will change.”

“Lately I’ve been listening for what surprises me.”

“Sometimes we hesitate to listen for differences because we don’t want to change.”

“We can’t be creative if we refuse to be confused.”  (I can usually master the second part of that one!) 

“Do I feel a vocation to be fully human?”  (I really like this one.  Being “fully human”—what all is involved in that?)

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