16 January 2016

soon to be a New Yorker (again)

Banu and I have spent the past year in the Volunteer State, experiencing a quasi-sabbatical.  After some twists and turns, professionally and personally, we’re ready to return to the Empire State.

We arrived on the first of February, Super Bowl Sunday (with the notorious Seahawks-Patriots game).  In the weeks after, we experienced a number of snowy and icy days.  That’s rare for Tennessee, but as we were out driving, it helped to serve making the transition from New York a bit more seamless.  Snow-covered scenery was a familiar sight.

But the call of parish ministry has us heading back north.  My mom’s health has dramatically improved, and some necessary work has been done on the house.  And it’s been wonderful to reconnect with my sister and her family.  My nephews have turned into a pair of good-looking young men!

I will miss Nashville and being near a big city.  Still, we plan on frequent visits back here, having a home away from home.

[Banu was behind the camera in the Thanksgiving Day photo.  From left to right are Curtis, me, my mom, Kaleb, Curtis (big Curtis!), and my sister Kristen]

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