12 March 2016

a new lease in life

Today was a warm, sunny March day in New York (this year we’ve had several of those!).  Banu and I signed a one-year lease for the house pictured.  In a few days, we’ll be set to move into our own place after fourteen months.  Someone insisted on photographing me and our dog, Aidan.  The car belongs to our landlord, who is looking out the door.

We’ll be near Cayuga Lake—between Aurora, which is on the lake, and Scipioville, which is a few miles inland.  (That’s where the church we’re serving as interim pastors is located).

This last shot is toward the east.  In the foreground is a runner for a dog.  I imagine Aidan will get a bit of exercise on it.  In the background, John, our landlord and I are walking to the shed.  Also visible is a picnic table sitting on a round slab of concrete where a silo used to stand.  In the distance is a pond which is off the property.

I felt obligated to post these, since someone else was excited enough to use her Kindle to create them!

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