19 September 2016

through the webcam with mr. robot

I just finished watching the first season of Mr. Robot.  It was a strange experience, not because of the show, though that is strange enough.

The DVDs from Netflix worked fine, at least the first two did.  Then came the third disc, the one containing the final episodes.  The next-to-last episode was hopelessly stuck on a scene in which Rami Malek’s character continues—in a major way—of having the curtain of his life thrown wide open.  Ejecting the disk, searching for any scratches, carefully cleaning it…nothing worked.  So I was forced to return it to Netflix.  They graciously shipped a replacement disc with dispatch.  This one allowed the before-mentioned scene to flow smoothly past.

Then the final episode.  Five minutes before the end, the world of Mr. Robot came to a sudden halt.  Going through the routine as with the previous disk yielded no positive result.  I wondered what would be the odds of receiving two consecutive disks that, as nearing the end of the season, would prove to be unwatchable?  Not one for conspiracy theories, I then turned to the possibility of streaming the final portion of the final episode.  It looked like Netflix didn’t offer that service for season 1, so I turned to Amazon.

Success!  Now I will be able to see how season 1 ends.  Except, after the credits, there is one final scene.  It is at that moment that my computer suddenly shuts down.  The conspiracy theorist in me wants to emerge.  But a computer restart enables me to see it through.

Is there a digital force that wanted to prevent my seeing through the guise?  By posting this to my blog, am I putting myself in jeopardy?  Am I real?  Are you real?  What do you want from me?  Tell me!!!

Maybe season 2 will tell me what you’re up to.

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