06 February 2017

device in motion

There’s something about the Great White North which seems to breed some really awesome rock.  One band demonstrating that is Motion Device, which started uploading videos to YouTube several years ago.  They are a metal and progressive rock group, and by the way, they are also a family.  There is vocalist Sara, sister and bassist / keyboardist Andrea, brother and drummer David, cousin and guitarist Josh—and friend and guitarist Alex, who left the band last year.  Oh, did I mention that Sara was 9 years old when they began this adventure?

If they started out as a gimmick with their young vocalist, such notions were quickly erased as they proved their musical ability which is mature beyond their years.  They’ve covered numerous bands and songs, going back decades, including Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave,” Rush’s “Closer to the Heart” (and I love how Andrea’s bass playing expands the song in a way that Geddy would have to admire!), and really going down the rabbit hole, they do Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.”

But they’ve been releasing their original material for a while now.  Last year’s Eternalize shows the growth of Sara’s voice and a growing level of musicianship.  (Here’s a link to their song, “Thick Skin.”)  A new album, Wide Awake, is planned.

Who knows what the future holds?  Maybe high school and college?  Somehow, I think they’ll be able to squeeze their music in, whatever may come.

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