15 June 2018

bread and circuses

Panem et circenses, or maybe “bread and circuses.”  We Americans are distracted.  We react; we don’t listen.

We react to the latest outrage.  We don’t bother to actually learn.  We point fingers.  We get into mindless debates on Facebook.

Did we care in the first place—or have we become exhausted from caring—about the latest action, assertion, or attitude from our leader(s)?  What once would have been a disgrace is now the “new normal.”

It’s not like we don’t care.  We especially care when a celebrity does something that “blows up the internet.”  And we do read.  Just don’t ask us to read something taking over fifteen minutes.  (Yikes, fifteen minutes!)

Okay, I’m already getting bored.  Let’s get back to those bread and circuses.

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