23 January 2008

fishing for an answer

I watched the movie Antwone Fisher for the fourth or fifth time. Denzel Washington directed and co-starred in it. It was written by Antwone Fisher (played by Derek Luke, who's to the right of Fisher in the lower photo). Fisher somehow survives a hellish childhood and becomes a great man. Washington directed a film that I really like, although at times, it's a bit too "cheesy" for my taste. But I easily overlook that, and I admit that I have yet to watch it without tears welling up at least once!

I like the images portrayed in it, especially at the beginning and the end--images of a family hoped for and found. I find it very much how I picture the kingdom of God: unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, and release.

But I'm still not quite sure what to make of the pancakes. Do they have a sacramental role? Do they represent that "yes!" in life that lingers just beyond our grasp? As the subject line says, I'm still fishing for an answer.

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