11 January 2008

I can't let the cowboys become my false god

People who aren't NFL fans won't understand this. People who aren't Dallas Cowboy fans really won't understand this. This Sunday afternoon, I'll be at the installation service of a Presbyterian minister at the same time that the Dallas Cowboys will be playing the New York Giants in a playoff game. The Cowboys are my favorite NFC team. They've tied their best-ever season record. The Dolphins are my favorite AFC team. They had their worst season ever. (In a shameless bit of self-promotion, see my post on 17 Dec 07, as I celebrate their only win of this year.)

It's a good thing that I will be forced to miss the Dallas game. I don't want to let the Cowboys become my idol. I have to remember that there can actually be better uses of my time during those three hours than watching them play. I should remind myself that 1 John 5:21 warns us, "Little children, keep yourselves from idols."

Besides, maybe I'll get back in time to see the second half!

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