14 February 2008

a stellar valentine

I'm usually not one for public displays of affection, so posting something on my blog for St. Valentine's Day is somewhat of a departure for me. But I decided to let everyone who happens to see this know that my wife, Banu, is my Valentine!

As for the images of couples from Star Trek--starting in the upper left corner and going clockwise, we have the wedding of Worf and Jadzia Dax from ST: Deep Space Nine. Beside them are B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris from ST: Voyager. Below them, we see Seven of Nine getting singing lessons from the Doctor ("You are My Sunshine," also on Voyager). Unfortunately for the Doctor, Seven doesn't have the feelings for him that he does for her. Fortunately for the Doctor, he gets over it and eventually finds love. And finally, from Enterprise, we see Trip and T'Pol in costume.

Those familiar with the Star Trek universe may wonder why I omitted the best-known couple: William Riker and Deanna Troi from ST: The Next Generation. To put it kindly, I find them tedious. But that's far from the case with my stellar valentine. I wouldn't trade her for all the gold-pressed latinum on Ferenginar!

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I.F. said...

Aww, James! How romantic! May you emerge victorious during this season of Pon'far!