14 June 2008


I've been catching the occasional match in Euro 2008. At this point, there still are a few days to go in the group round. The top two teams in each group advance to the quarterfinals. There have been some surprises, both good and bad. Croatia, with its 2-1 win over Germany, seems to be establishing itself as a real contender. In my opinion, the two most impressive teams have been Portugal (who've beaten the Turks and the Czechs), and without a doubt, the Netherlands. The Dutch spanked both the Italians (3-0) and the French (4-1). Absolutely no one thought those two powerhouses would crumble the way they did.

I don't have a favorite in the tournament, but I did cheer when the Turks scored their first goal of the tournament against the Swiss. They added a second goal to get the win, 2-1. And I'm not weeping any tears over Italy's poor performance. I'll admit that I still have bad feelings over the way the dreadful officiating in the last World Cup (2006 in Germany) basically gave them the game over the Americans. Something for me to confess to God, I suppose!

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