10 June 2008

to boldly go

I was all set to preach a sermon based on the call of Abraham this past Sunday. However, life intervened. I needed to take my wife to the hospital to have her blood pressure taken care of. Fortunately, the husband of our director of worship and outreach already had something ready to go. So things apparently went okay. As a result, I'm holding my words on Abraham's call, and I'll deliver them this coming Sunday. I'll no doubt need to revise some stuff.

Abraham is one of those characters who continues to be provocative, all these centuries later. We see how contradictory, how conflicted, he is. As I say in my sermon, we don't know exactly how he responds to God's call. Does he boldly go? It seems that the fact that he at least goes speaks volumes. Are we as willing as this immigrant to plunge into the unknown?

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