25 May 2009

prayer for memorial day

Gracious God, to whom we belong in both life and in death,
it is on days like this
when we need to be reminded of some things.
For others like me,
sons and daughters of those buried in military cemeteries,
and for all of us, those left standing when wars that never end finally do,
it seems it isn't the subject matter of easy speeches--
nor is it the content of commercials that promise
"super savings, because it's Memorial Day,
and we're having a blowout sale!"
And it isn't the word of those who, in whatever way, great or small,
profit from war,
but it is the silence.
We need to be reminded of the silence--
the silence of those who truly honor the fallen,
they who have made the greatest sacrifice.
God of glory,
teach us how to speak words filled with that silence.

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