22 June 2009

everyone's waiting for what you leave behind

I just finished watching the series finale (“Everyone’s Waiting”) of one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Six Feet Under. (It’s been on HBO on Demand.) The show ended four years ago, and as I revisited it, I had forgotten just how good it is. The final scene of the show seems to be the perfect expression of what was so deeply good, sad, and twisted about it!

Series finales can be a tricky business. As a Star Trek lover, I have to say that the ending of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was my favorite. With its bittersweet tone, “What You Leave Behind,” captured the development of all of the characters. I especially appreciated its final moments. We’re left hanging, wondering when and if Benjamin Sisko (who has one of the most profound life-changing experiences in Star Trek history) will ever return.

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