28 June 2009

so close and yet...

After a disappointing couple of games against Brazil and Italy in the group round (with some questionable red cards by the officials), the US took care of business against Egypt, 3-0, and was able to advance to the semifinal of the Confederations Cup. They stunned the football world by defeating top-ranked Spain (who certainly are top-ranked no longer!), 2-0.

The US was on its way to shocking the football world at halftime in the final with a 2-0 lead over Brazil. It looked like the teams had exchanged jerseys. The US was making the plays that they had been so used to seeing Brazil make against them. But less than a minute into the second half, the "Samba Kings" got things going. Three unanswered goals made sure that their hands were the ones holding yet another trophy.

Still, playing Italy, Spain, and Brazil (twice) in one tournament is surely something that will only benefit the US as they prepare to re-visit South Africa next year for the World Cup.

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