05 August 2009

keep fanning the flames

The fellow in the photo holding the threatening sign is symptomatic of an increasingly paranoid quality to American life. (By the way, sir, you have "your" where you should have "you're.") A dangerous trend started at least as far back as Sarah Palin's irresponsible campaign rallies in 2008, when she allowed the flames of hatred to be fanned. The Secret Service reported a spike in the number of death threats issued against Barack Obama.

Now, as President Obama, the Secret Service reports a skyrocketing of death threats, compared with the number received by President Bush. As with any president, the large majority of such threats are hoaxes, but the sheer volume and the sheer venom can't be dismissed.

With town hall meetings turned into town "hell" meetings, with people screaming and refusing to allow others to calmly state their opinions, I do fear that something horrible will happen. One thing we should not be able to claim is that we had no way of seeing it coming.


Anonymous said...

What is your hang up with Sarah Palin? Are you really saying that without her there would be no death threats against Barrach Hussein Obama? You are giving her a lot of credit and power aren't you? Whose fault was it when there were deaths threats against President Bush. There were even books wrirtten about how to kill him, but I guess in your mind, that was Bush's fault.

Have you atttended any town Hall meetings? The one I attended was very calm. It is my understanding that a lot of the screaming at some of the town hall meetings are instigated by liberals to make the conservatives look bad. Is this Sarah Palin's fault also.

dr. sheltie said...

Well, "Anonymous," apparently you didn't read my post. I have no "hang up" with Sarah Palin. In both posts (the current one and the one in Nov 08) I was reporting on conclusions of the Secret Service. They were the ones to notice the spike in death threats at the time Palin began comparing "Barrach" (sic) Hussein Obama to terrorists.

By the way, when one makes comments suggesting what is "in your mind," one is saying more about what is in one's own mind than any mind-reading exercise can produce.