07 April 2015

I'm still you

I heard an ugly rumor that the dry-witted detective show Backstrom will likely not survive to see a second season.  I recently started catching up with the episodes, and I love Rainn Wilson’s quirky straight-faced irritable sort of comedy.  (With a resumé that includes Dwight Schrute from The Office, what more can be said?)

His methodology of investigation that begins with “I’m you…” is reminiscent of Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham on the television version of Hannibal, in which he enters the mind of a killer.  But it’s not quite so dark! 

So here we go—Backstrom to me.  “I’m you…  For some reason, you would lament watching my foolish but dead-on analysis of a situation.  What does that say about you?  Are you living vicariously through me?  Does my self-assured confidence, if misplaced and soaked with a lifestyle that endangers my health, appeal to you?  You have gifts and abilities, but often have trouble translating them to the real world.  Take a lesson from me, plunge ahead, even if it gets you in trouble.”

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