05 April 2015

The Lord is risen light forever

God is the Name and the Nameless.
God is the utterly recognizable and the completely baffling! 
God is love flowing through me and love unknown.

God revealed the covenant name to Moses, but Solomon also said that God dwells in thick darkness.

Jesus as Son of Man is the essential, true human.
Jesus as Son of God is the crucified and triumphant.
Jesus as the ascended one is the cosmic Christ, filling all things.

Jesus is the paradox who lays aside power and glory to embrace poverty and denigration.

The Holy Spirit is the awareness who kindles within me the fire of the Word.
The Holy Spirit is courage for my cowardice, passion for my indifference.
The Holy Spirit is the divine energy binding together all of creation.

The Holy Spirit is the playful, joyous, and poetic God who comes to us, bringing empowerment to live life as we were meant to.

And what about the church, the body of Christ, the sisters and brothers of Jesus Christ?
There many biblical images of the church.  I might add:
The church is where my faith becomes real, where it takes on flesh and blood.
The church is where I am held accountable, and where I am to hold others accountable.
The church is always on the way, but not yet reaching the goal in this life.

The church is composed of those, who as Paul says, for whom Christ has broken down the dividing wall.  We erect walls between Jew and Gentile, male and female, young and old, various sexual and political orientations, ethnic groups of all kind, and any number of other ways in which we substitute human distinctions for God’s.  The church humbly sets aside our ways for God’s ways, as revealed through the one who is given for the life of the world, Jesus Christ. 

The Lord is risen light forever

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