16 July 2016

spatially heartened

“The morning after the mayhem in Dallas we were contacted by a Texas Hearts of Space subscriber, asking if we could offer some free HOS programs to help calm the raw emotions on both sides.

“Well yes, we can.  We created a special channel called ‘Peace, be Still.’  The name comes from Mark 4:35-41—the story of Jesus calming the raging waters.”

The above appeared on the website of Hearts of Space, which features music that can be described as space music, contemplative, meditative, and a whole bunch of stuff tossed in: like ethno/ambient, chant, space jazz, and other ambient odds and ends.

I discovered Hearts of Space back in 1984.  I was listening to the Vanderbilt University radio station.  Then, late at night, this incredible mind-enriching (and mind-expanding!) music began wafting through the speakers.  Producer Stephen Hill’s tranquil, sonorous voice weaved its way through the aural tapestry, preparing us for the transmission yet to come.

I was heartened (yes, I had to phrase it that way!) to see the response to the horror of that week from hell.  Today, I discovered this addition on their blog:

“We launched this free channel a week ago at the suggestion of a Texas subscriber in the wake of the terrible incident in Dallas.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive—a heartfelt thank you to all who have written and posted acknowledging it…

“We will keep the service free and open this weekend in the wake of the violence in Nice, and now the political chaos in Turkey.  In the long term we are planning to retain the channel for subscribers and further expand the number of shows.

“Unfortunately we live in turbulent times.”

Some might wonder, “How much good can music do in the face of such terror?”  Those of us who love music can respond, “Music fills our words and deeds with life.  It is a celestial gift that digs into the earth and comes up raw and lovely.”

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