02 August 2016

baptism, 30, st. lydia, purple reign

Tomorrow, 3 August, is the 30th anniversary of my baptism.  You can see posted on our basement door the shirt I was wearing for the ceremony.  It looks as good as the day I got it!  (It has often been forced to escape the pleas of my wife to pay an eternal visit to the rubbish bin.)

It is also the feast day for St. Lydia, whose story is told in Acts 16, where she assists Paul, Silas, and their friends.

And she is noted for her dealings in purple cloth, giving her wealth with which
she helps believers in need and avoids the label of the “rich fool,” the parable I preached on yesterday!

May all of the baptized follow her lead in all dimensions of life, and be immersed in purple rain.  (Sorry, I had to steal that last one!)

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