07 December 2007

dizzy with you, too

I have, for the third time, watched the U2 "Vertigo 2005" DVD concert in Chicago. It is simply very cool. They go from playful (Bono goofing with a kid and inviting him onto the catwalk & later inviting a "dancing lady" to join him) to awesome (when they scroll some of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights) to worshipful (during "40," the Edge and Adam Clayton exchange instruments). At the end, when only Larry Mullen is on stage behind the drum kit, with the crowd chanting, "How long...to sing this song?" he must decide, "Why not?" and starts drumming for a couple more lines.

Regarding "40"--it's a song we've sung during our Sanctuary of Hope service several times at church, thanks to Tara, our director of worship and outreach. So we appreciate that!

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