24 December 2007

a teacher and a friend

It's truly a joy to hear from someone who has played a major role in one's development. Dr. Tom McDaniel is such a person for my wife Banu and for me. The bracketed section below is an excerpt from an email we just received from he and his wife, Doris.

[I am attaching our Christmas newsletter and greetings. When you read the first paragraph about my performing the "wedding renewal ceremony" for my granddaughter back in October, know that my thoughts were often with both of you, James and Banu, and my sweet memories of your wedding and the honor I had in being a part of it. I have performed only three family weddings since the two of you were married, so I think of your wedding also as a "family wedding."]

He was our Old Testament professor at seminary (though we did study Hebrew with his younger colleague, Grant Ward). As you might have surmised, he also presided at our wedding. He's a man of many talents: a true Hebrew scholar, computer genius, speaker of many languages (including Japanese, I believe, from his time as missionary there), and many more talents of which I'm unaware. But above all, he truly exhibits the mind and heart of Christ. I thank God for him.

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