26 December 2007

the second day of Christmas

In the current issue of the Christian Century, John Buchanan notes, "Though the liturgical calendar reminds us that it is Christmastide, a lovely 12-day season extending to Epiphany in January, you cannot live in this culture without experiencing how the air is let out of the holiday balloon on December 26. The Magi may not arrive in Bethlehem until January 6, but the culture abruptly drops the whole matter practically before Christmas Day is over."

The machinery of the Christmas industry has ground to a screeching halt. People have gone about the business of buying all kinds of junk, and much of the time, it's been done in a quite joyless manner--despite what the lyrics of the songs incessantly piped through speakers proclaim. And people also await their credit card bills, letting them know that they're even deeper in debt. When the 25th arrives, there's a sigh as if, "I'm glad that is over!" I've often noticed that when I point this out, I get painted as the Grinch.

At least the Grinch repents. He figures out that the god of Christmas isn't consumerism!

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