29 December 2008

dolphins really do win!

At the beginning of this NFL season, I told people I was predicting that the Miami Dolphins would be at least 100% better than they were last year. (Of course, they only needed to win two games to accomplish that.) Going from 1-15 to 11-5 this year, they not only tied the all-time record for best improvement, but they finished as the AFC East champs!

As happy as I’ve been with Miami’s amazing turnaround season, I’ve been just as unhappy with the disappointing Dallas Cowboys. (I don’t think HBO will feature them in their series Hard Knocks next summer!) I’m not sure which team was the bigger flop this season: the 0-16 Lions or the 9-7 Cowboys. For a team which many sports “experts” were saying would go all the way to the Super Bowl, their crushing loss at Philadelphia yesterday ended a season in which they too often underachieved.

I’m just glad I can answer my blog post of last year, dolphins win! dolphins win!, by saying, “Dolphins really do win!”

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