05 December 2008

forever at night

In the early 90s, CBS had some rather cheesy late night shows called “Crimetime after Primetime.” Among them were Silk Stalkings and Sweating Bullets. There was one show, however, that I found myself watching on a fairly regular basis. This was when I was at seminary, and she who would later become my wife got me started on a strange show about a vampire detective (Nick Knight, played by Geraint Wyn Davies) who wanted to atone for his crimes and regain his mortality. Banu introduced me to Forever Knight! (An extremely devoted fan has a website dedicated to the series.)

The premise of the show required several leaps of logic. I wondered how Nick could have joined the Toronto police department to begin with. Don’t they have physical examinations? He explained his need to work only at night due to a severe skin reaction to sunlight. (I suppose that would be true.) But that’s part of what happens when I start analyzing shows like this!

I’ve now watched some of the episodes on DVD, and I’m brought back to those times when I had finished my reading and paper writing early in the evening. I always tried to get my work done sooner than later, so I could relax while my fellow students were cramming and killing themselves. Besides, what better time to watch a vampire show than at the midnight hour?

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